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COVID-19, Community

Phase-3 ..... Officials and Leaders, Re-Opening the Economy and Community to Work, Travel, and Socialization
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About this Course:

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Extended Class Description:

COVID-19; Community

Employees, Employers, Friends, Family, and Students

COVID-19, is your Community ready?

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Prepare the Community

Community Sensitivity and Awareness Training

Any plan to Re-Opening the U.S. Economy should include mandatory employee education and training implemented in the following 4-Phases.  The education and training relieves and addresses the pressure from the protester's and public’s demand to immediately Re-Open the Economy, and promotes individual understanding of the time-sensitive process.

Phase-1, Employers and Small Businesses

Phase-2, Employees, and Workforce

Phase-3, Community

Phase-4, Students


 COVID-19; Coronavirus101

Population Impact:  After the Coronavirus Pandemic the Mental Health, Physical Well-being, and Economic Recovery for everyone on the planet will be different.   In a large country like the U.S.A., the business closures and virus’s impact on the ethnically diverse populations will present economic challenges that are distinctive and requires strategic planning for Governments, Businesses, Organizations, and Individuals.


Community Transmission of the Virus is not under CONTROL..!


"I can’t stay at home; I have to go to ....."





Exercise Walking or Jogging


Park or Playground

Court or Government Office


Which of the places above, and transport activities below are SAFE..?






Invisible Threat:

Gloves, Protective Masks, and Social Distancing protects as a buffer but not as a solution to the invisible Coronavirus. Until there is a cure or treatment for COVID-19 our Homes, the Community, and the World is not safe. 

Testing for Coronavirus:

So you and 5-million others were tested for Coronavirus and the test results were negative.  Your results mean that you did not have Coronavirus on that day.  But you may have it today.  The availability of more Testing is not a cure or solution that justifies Opening the Community or the Economy.

I Survived Coronavirus:

So you and 1-million others survived or recovered from the Coronavirus Infection.  There is no scientific evidence or medical community assurances that those who survive are not carriers of the Coronavirus.  Your survival means that you did not die and you should always take safety precautions equal to that of an infected person.   

Money and Cash Handling:

Maybe deadlier than a cough or sneeze.  Unfortunately, coronavirus can live on packaging, and other surfaces such as money, credit cards, key-pads, and other surfaces we touch every day.  Nothing is safe in the world today.


The Community and the Economy are not safe for Work, Travel, and Socialization.   America should not be open until there is a; "Cure or Treatment for the Infected Person".



What you will Study:

Workforce Safety, Consumer Safety, and Community Safety


Community and Economy RECOVERY PLAN: 

Phase-1, Employers and Small Businesses prepare to Safely Re-Open

Phase-2, Employees prepare to Safely Return-to-Work

Phase-3, The Community should be Safe from Virus Transmission.

Phase-4, Return Safely to School, and the Community

Plus the Proposed:

$250 COVID-19 Education and Training Stimulus

$1,000 COVID-19 Business Investment and Inclusion Loan


Mandatory Training as outlined by the of the above will reach homes and the protesters who are exhausted and impacted by the current Stay-at-Home Orders

The education and training will allow the class participants to actively be involved in creating and providing a vehicle and means beyond social media for personal and community feedback on ideas to help Re-Open America. 


Statement of the Plan to Re-Open America:

Subject to change based on daily events.

All businesses and employees working in the food and healthcare-related industries should return to work first.   Employees in the government sectors should return to work, followed by employees in the Constructions Trades.  Shortly thereafter other Small Businesses, Restaurants, Health and Beauty, Religious Groups and Non-Profits should re-open and return to work.  As a final point before opening the community, parks, playgrounds, and public transportation to our most prized people our “STUDENTS” should return to school campuses and the community when all is “CLEAR, or there is a Cure or Treatment for Coronavirus”.


The Safe-Zone:

The essential key to the plan is Stay-at-Home where you have creative control of your personal and family Safe-Zone.   Until there is a Cure or Treatment for Coronavirus public places and businesses within your community are not safe.



Victimization:  After COVID-19 the fall-out can lead to disproportionate degrees of victimization and your participation in this class may lead you to the help you need to "RECOVER".


 * WARNING!  Extreme Sensitivity and Awareness Training ahead, ENROLL TODAY…!

This class presents information about ethnic groups that some may find offensive.  You will be asked to watch videos and view images that may trigger anger, sadness, frustration and other hostel or violent emotions. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas may present solutions to help the government to provide quality services to our family, friends, coworkers, businesses and community neighbors. 


We positively encourage you to enroll in this course.  Your friends, family, co-workers, and community are all impacted by the subject matter.  This class gives you a platform to study the issues, and respond to current events with the virtual goal of dynamically creating problem-solving solutions.

Tell-A-Friend, all are welcome!

Meet your Instructors;

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 *Barack Obama is currently our most requested Celebrity Instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Class Requirements?

Any adult, college student or non-college student 18 years or older may complete the free and simple pre-registration process for this class without obligation.  However, official Government ID Verification will be required before any Certificates of Completion are issued…

This class does not require heavy or obscure memorization, complex math, or tons of classwork, however a commitment to ‘Researching Current Events’ and some ‘Social Networking’ is required. This class is complete-able in 4 to 6 weeks or less and requires a commitment of 2 to 4 hours per week. To complete this class students must satisfactorily complete and document all assigned course work, such as:

  • Respond to all Surveys and Polls.
  • Complete Recruitment Assignments.
  • Actively engage-in course Social Media Discussions.
  • Participate in all course-related Educational Games.
  • Watch subject matter Videos and complete Assignments.
  • Actively engage-in and verify activity for "Education Tuesdays".
  • Score 80% or higher on all Topic Assessment Exams, if given.
  • And/or complete short Practical Writing Assignments.

Device Requirements = Smart Phone, Desktop, Laptop, Chromebook, or Tablet with an Internet connection capable of streaming YouTube videos.

Who should take this Class?
Anyone interested in, or personally impacted by the Subject Matter.  (See FAQ’s for more information.)
Is this class Accredited and Transferable?
YES..!  (See FAQ’s for more information.)
Do I have to PAY anything?
NO..!  This is a “FREE”, Community Service Education Class available to all.  (See FAQ’s for more information.)
When do Fees & Costs Apply?
Fees, and Costs Apply to administrative requests for documentation such as Certificates, Transcripts, etc., and programs that have costs to develop.   Employers frequently pay or may refund you for Class Certificates.  (See FAQ’s for more information.)

Is there a Certificate of Completion available, and how long do they last?

YES..!   Every Citizen in the U.S.A should have at least one Certificate of Completion.


Most Certificates are good for 3 years before the class should be repeated or an updated course is offered.   We do encourage our Guest or Celebrity Instructors to personally sign non-standard Certificates (added costs and limitations apply).


Earn a Verified Certificate of Completion,

the standard cost is $49.


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  •  Length:  6 weeks
  •  Effort:  2 to 4 hours per week
  •  Price:  FREE
    Virtual Community Service Course
  • Earn a:  Certificate of Completion $49
  •  Institution:
  • Training:  Workforce Development
  •  Subject:  Humanities & Behavioral Studies
  •  Level:  Introductory
  •  Language:  English
  •  Video Transcripts:  English
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*WARNING! - Sensitivity and Awareness Training

Today’s events or headlines may be tomorrow's "Lesson or Subject for Discussion"…

This class covers sensitive topics and requires critical thinking that may impact your personal growth and development. You should not take this class if you; intend to be dishonest, deceptive, or closed-minded about your personal feelings or opinions. Every participant in the class will have an open opportunity to express their genuine thoughts, outlook, and views in how they see the topics being discussed. Your opinion counts and your voice matters. The use of profanity or personal statements that may threaten any person, place, or thing is strictly prohibited. Please expect differences in opinions that may not agree with what you have learned or believe to be true.

The staff, and or the instructors reserve the right to remove any student without cause or notice.  All students are advised to take and complete the Sensitivity Training Class before this class.


Notice and Liability Disclaimer:   The social interactions and information presented in all classes or courses is for educational studies and is not intended to be a substitute for legal, medical or professional advice.  All participants are personally liable for their own conduct or behavior online and within the community.