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Virtual Community Service Team Member? Challenge

As a Virtual Community Service Team Member, you have accepted the Community Service and Education “CHALLENGE”.   As a Virtual Community Service Team Member you agree to set-aside time on Tuesdays to perform an “Act of Community Service”, and or further your “EDUCATION” by taking a class online, within your church or local college nearby or within the community where you live.

Whether you are here voluntarily or involuntarily our staff and instructors at the University of America welcomes you and asks that you click here to complete our Virtual Team Support Form.


Support our Virtual Community Service TEAM..!

Social Media Manager 
Academic Manager and CEO 
University Professor-X 
Veterans Affairs Manager University of America Enrollment-Attendance Manager
Curriculum Developers 
Workforce Development Manager 
Events Coordinator 

Celebrity Affairs Coordinator 
Business Development Manager 
IT Equipment Engineer 
Office Admin Manager 
Student Recruitment Manager 
Funding & Donations Manager 
Ministerial Coordinator Diversity Program Manager Pre-Adult Education Manager


University of


Have gone out and are extended to others to join, contribute, support, enroll, or take part as an announced or anonymous Celebrity Guest Participant or Instructor.
Invited Celebrities

Please be respectful, at any time you may be taking a class offered by, or with your favorite and most influential celebrity.


Subject Matter Experts or Industry Professionals

If you are a Subject Matter Expert, Industry Professional, Instructor, Trainer, or Certified Counselor, Public Speaker, etc., you are invited to become a Virtual Community Service Team Member.  

We would love to have you assist us as a Guest Instructor, Instructional Assistant, Speaker, or as a Consultant Educator.

Even if you have not taught online before we can mentor, coach, equip, support, and train you.




Partnership Revenue Sharing, Cost Savings, and Universal Strategic Benefits to;


Employers:  Large or Small Employers can be a partner, or non-partner and offer University of America, Workforce Development, and Employee Training Classes to their employees. 


Government:  Large or Small Government Agencies and Organizations can be a partner, or non-partner and offer University of America, Citizen Education and Community Development classes to their constituents. 


Non-Profits:   Large or Small Non-Profit Agencies and Organizations can be a partner, or non-partner and offer University of America, Personal Growth and Workforce Development classes to the Communities which they serve.


Higher Educational Institutions:  Large or Small Educational Institutions can be a partner, or non-partner and offer University of America, Community Service and Workforce Development classes to their students without the cost of developing and managing a program. 


Educators – Teachers - Trainers - Consultants – Licensed Professionals:   Over 50 Million students worldwide are already familiar with the educational platform used by University of America and prominent Ivy League Schools and Colleges.  An audience of students and Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) are available for you to perform Community Service work by actively participating in University of America classes.

Benefits Churches and Religious Organizations:   Turn your institution into a Community Service Educational Training Center on Tuesdays.  On any given Tuesday or any day select a University of America course topic to teach, preferably a topic that is currently an important issue to your community. 

Benefits to the Community:  Free Citizen Classes, Organized Group Meetings, Community Service Acts, Reduction in Crime, Positive Social Engagements, Community Involved Economic Development, Individual Personal Growth, Diversity Sensitivity Awareness Training, and Community Problem Solving.


Benefits to Students:  A universal platform for positive interactive Good Citizenship and Community Service Education.  A universal Tracking System for Education beyond the classroom.  A universal platform for learning about and discussing topics that are particularly sensitive, controversial, and not discussed easily without emotional reactions.  

  Please use our Contact Us page if you are interested in becoming a Partner, or an Associate Non-Partner.  Or Call 1(916) 393-3934
  Enrollment Opens Soon..!