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Virtual Community Service - Frequently Asked Questions

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Who should take these classes?


There is no Public Education Platform or

College Program designed to teach:



Community/Citizen Education should be required of all;

  • College Students,

  • Trade School Students,

  • Teachers, Administrators, & Staff,

  • Corporate Employer Staff Training,

  • Ministers, Athletes, Celebrities, and Politicians,

  • Government Employees and Law Enforcement,

  • and recipients of Welfare & Public Service Programs.




Privacy Notice of Secure Class Content & Pre-Registration:

Is my Personal Information Secure? Due to Copyright, Privacy and Proprietary Intellectual Property concerns the published information for this class is subject to change, currently restricted and limited to individuals who complete the free and simple pre-registration process. The actual class syllabus, outline and content information will not be publicly published, displayed or available until the class or course is officially launched to the individuals pre-registered for the class. Your Student Data is secure and no student data will be used for or sold to or shared with advertisers or others in accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Can I use or refer to these classes in Court, or get special government program treatment?

YES..! Court

If you successfully complete our classes, the University of America will document, support and report the fact that you took time in your life to educate yourself, and that you have successfully completed related Virtual Community Service classes. The impact of our support is typically persuasive but will be subject to the discretion of the court or government program.



EMPLOYERS who have partnered with us and those who have not also recognize our Virtual Community Service classes. Your employer may require you to take and provide a Certificate of Completion as part of their Workforce Training and Employee Development Program.




Who are the Instructors?

Most University of classes or courses are taught by a Community Team of Instructors, Guest Lecturers and Subject Matter Experts. Except for Tuesdays which is the official proactive Community Service Day, most of the classwork is self-paced and self-guided online utilizing Peer-to-Peer Social Media Networking that is strategically designed to educate, stimulate, share and promote your individual completion of the class.

Celebrity Instructor?

Please use our Contact Us page to tell us what class and who you would like to take a Virtual Community Service Class with?



“The Community Service and Education Challenge..!”

Education Tuesday's is the day that your community involvement will provide the foundation for your education. You are required to perform and document a Community Service Act, and or take an Educational Class online or within the community.


Social Media Manager & Instructor

George Marshall is the class Social Media Manager and Lead Team Moderator. George has more than 15 years of Social Media education and experience, and currently has more than 2-million YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter followers.

Instructional Assistant (IA's)


Each class includes a selected team of subject matter, Instructional Assistants. This class may feature Peer-to-Peer interactive involvements with social media influencers, industry professionals, celebrities, politicians, interrelated subject matter experts, guest lecturers, local businesses and churches, top community leaders, and elected officials. More detailed information will be sent to all students who pre-register for the class and officially start the class.


Multilingual and Guest Instructors

Do you want to be a Guest Instructor, aka Curriculum Developers?

If you are multilingual, a translator or a subject matter industry professional and have something to contribute. Or you would like to instructionally assist with this class, we encourage you to email us your resume to, To become familiar with our teaching platform please take and evaluate any class and let us know of your experience and expertise.

Instructional Team and Professor X

The important “Subject Matter” is the key offering and selling point for the class. To prevent Ivy League and Local Colleges from claiming conflicts of academic and professional interest or recruiting our talented Professionally Trained, Licensed and Industry Certified Team of Instructors. University of America will privately publish the names and biography of the instructors to individuals who pre-register to take and officially start this class.

Senior Director of Online Academic Programs

Mr. Donald is the Senior Director of Online Academic Studies at University of America. He has more than 30 years of experience in designing and developing Adult Education and Training Programs. Mr. Donald holds an AA, BA, a Master’s Degree, and is currently completing his Ph.D. or Doctorate in Adult Education and Administration.

Mr. Donald is a Certified Instructor and has been issued a Lifetime Adult Education Teaching Credential by the State of California. He confirms and validates the student’s completion and awards the “Verified Certificates” issued for the Community Education, Community Development and Workforce Development Classes and Courses. In 2015, Mr. Donald completed the process to become an Institutional Representative, certified as a Key Individual to prepare programs for approval by the DEAC – the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.




Frequently Asked Technical and Costs Questions…..


What Device and Web Browser should I use?

Studies and research has shown that Smart Phone users are more likely to fail, drop, or score an incomplete for their online courses.

However, a much higher success rate of completion occurs when Smart Phone users combine their online learning with a recommended large screen Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop Computer. The University of America platform works best with current versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Apple Safari when used on large screen devices.

Essentially, the University of America classes require a Desktop or Laptop Computer, Chromebook, Tablet or Cell Phone with Internet Access. The internet connection should be capable of facetime, skype, video conferencing and video streaming. The network should not have any restrictions for the use of YouTube, which is the primary platform through which course videos are published and viewed for this class. Smart TVs are not advised because they may or may not access course or class interactive online content and exercises.

Use our Contact Us form to let us know if you have Device Issues, Limited Access, Special Needs, and or you require or would like Off-line Support.

Learn Any-Place at Any-Time, online or off-line University of America supports learning that fits your needs.


Is this class Accredited and Transferable?


All University of America COMMUNITY and WORKFORCE Development classes are regulated, designed, instructed and documented to be fully Accredited and Transferable Worldwide. For more information on Accreditation and Transferability please take and complete the University of America, Degrees-101 class.


Do I have to PAY anything?


All University of America sponsored Community Education, Community Service, Community & Workforce Development classes are FREE-to-TAKE and no additional cost for books, materials or supplies are needed.


When do Fees & Costs Apply?

Classes with fees and costs have Pricing Information in the description. There are low fees and costs for personal or employer electronic or paper Certificates of Competition, Requests for Transcripts, and a Registration Fee if and when you desire Accredited and Transferable College Credit.

The University of America does offer Business Project Ventures and Workforce Training Classes that include fees or costs or a Signatory Financial Commitment. Additionally, through community assistance programs, workforce development funding, scholarships, fellowships, grants, credit/loan offerings, veterans programs, and government education funding, all costs may be covered.

Use our Contact Us page to let us know if you have any concerns about costs or fees or if you need immediate financial assistance. Equal access to Community Education and Community Service, and Workforce Development and Training should be available to all.


What is special about the University of

The University of America has officially launched Education Tuesdays, as the official worldwide Community Service Day. Earn Verified Certificates for each course that you complete.


Education Tuesdays


The Community SERVICE and EDUCATION Challenge..!

Every Tuesday each able-bodied citizen has a standing challenge to perform some type of Community Service Act, or Take-A-Class that adds personal or professional value to their Education. By design Education, Tuesdays is a designated day to actively participate in personal growth and development and or community problem-solving. University of America offers a Community Education class for everyone. Each class is developed to educate and update everyone on current events that occur where you live, or around the world. Please take and complete our Education Tuesday Class if you need more information about the Community Service Day.



Please feel free to click here to Contact Us or send your email directly to: or Call (916) 393-3934 (USA)

If you have additional questions regarding University of America and our programs.