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Online-Free Community Service Education

University of, is not flashy and has been optimized to perform well on all electronic devices such as Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smart TV's and Smart Phones. Please use our [Contact Us] page and let us know if you have a Disability that requires unique accommodations. Visit our [FAQ's] page for more information.




"Virtual COMMUNITY Service"


University of

To introduce and support Community Education and Workforce Development, through Education Tuesdays. A day dedicated to your personal fulfillment of; "the Community Service and Education Challenge"..!


Products and Services:

University of America, exclusively designs, develops, and offers "Community/Citizen Education", instructional products and services that promote "Good Citizenry". (aka, Community Sensitivity Training)

Community/Citizen Education is an exclusive set of Hybrid On-line and Off-line Civil Classes that anyone can take for "FREE", with No Formal College Enrollment Required. Each Community/Citizen Class addresses "Public Issues" that rapidly change and have a direct impact on the communities in which we live.

WARNING! - Sensitivity and Awareness Training

Today’s events or headlines maybe tomorrows "Lesson or Subject for Discussion"



University of America, is a public Non-Profit United States based 501c3 organization, operating centrally out of the City of Sacramento, in the State of California in the USA. Primary delivery of products and services are provided Virtually Online through a branded University of America, Internet Website and Digital eLearning Platform.


Proven Online Education Platform:

University of America is a digital eLearning platform that primarily develops, implements, evaluate and maintains training curriculum that offers and tracks Community Service Education. Following the lead and path pioneered by Harvard, Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, and many more Ivy League institutions, University of America is built on the Open EDX Learning Platform that seeks to reach 1-Billion Learners.



University of America is Subject Matter Accredited, which means that it’s Community Services and Workforce Development classes are Independant Studies Credits transferable to all Universities, Colleges and higher education programs in the USA. Internationally, the Unversity of America seeks to establish worldwide accreditation subject to the successful translations of the learning and tracking platforms to the native language of each country.


What is Community Service?

Community Service is a non-paying job performed by one person or a group of people for the benefit of their community or its institutions. Community Service is distinct from volunteering, since it is not always performed on a voluntary basis. (Wikipedia)

The importance of addressing Community Service is critical to the principles of advancing changes within the community.

The performance of and the requirements to perform Community Service, should be voluntarily and involuntarily relevant to every able-bodied citizen/adult.

Technology has transformed teaching, learning, research and community service. Millions of students and non-students perform untracked and undocumented acts of Community Service every day.


What is Virtual Community Service?

Virtual Community Service opportunities are offered online and can be completed from home or a remote location, virtually anywhere on a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone with an Internet connection. In some cases, Virtual Community Service opportunities may require you to be physically present at a specific location with the community.

The completion of any University of America classes or courses are qualified, TRACKED and DOCUMENTED experiences recognized as Community Service Acts because they represent the type of sensitivity and awareness education and training that we all need.



“The Community Service and Education Challenge..!”


The University of America has officially launched Education Tuesdays, as the official worldwide Community Service Day.

Equal access to Life-Long Learning Opportunities is the goal and common thread that must be made universally available to all. The University of America is pioneering a revolutionary, groundbreaking, unique and exclusive societal networking concept entitled, Education TUESDAYS..! By design Education, Tuesdays is a dedicated day in each week for setting aside time to focus on both personal growth and community problem-solving.

No TV Tuesday! - On Tuesday's imaging people committing themselves to either taking a class at their local college or online, going to Bible Study, or performing an Act of Community Service. All classes are designed to include pro-active blended learning engagements within the community, online and through peer-to-peer Social Networking.


Funding, Donations, and Avertising:

Every Dollar BENEFIT$ our communities.

The University of America is open to accept any and all donations and funding provided through strategic sponsorships, partnerships, business investments, and city, state, and federal government grants. The University of America does not function off of tuition, products or political advertising campaigns.

Limited Sponsorship Ads may be available via Billboards, Street Signs, Images and Text Information, but no distracting flashing ads or videos are allowed. Any and all postings deemed to be Ads or Advertising are subject to Advanced Approval and will be removed without “NOTICE”.



Producing positive change within a Community requires a team effort. An individual or event may start the initiate or be the cause for the change, but in most cases it takes a united community.

You are invited to click here for more Team information and to support our Virtual Community Service:

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Support our Team and actively participate in Education Tuesdays and demonstrate your commitment to engage in:

The Community Service and Education Challenge..!”.


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If you have any questions or concerns please feel free you use our [Contact Us] page to let us know. Email us at or if your concern is more immediate call us at Phone: 1(916) 393-3934 USA.