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Employee Working a Job

You are an EMPLOYEE..! Employment Problems vs. Personal Problems
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Employee - Work101

Family, Friends, Students, Employees, and Employers.

Have you ever been "FIRED"?

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Employee Working a Job - Work101

How to get a job, how to keep a job, and how to leave a job is not all about natural common sense.  There are actually 3-Phases to Employment which establishes a Contractual Relationship.


Phase #1 – Getting Hired (Start Contract)

Phase #2Doing the Job (Contract Performance)

Phase #3Exiting the Job (End Contract)


EMPLOYERS:  During each phase employers alter or change its behavior through managerial training, documenting new rules and policy updates that maintain and actually modifies the contract. 

EMPLOYEES:  During each phase employees accept employment, work and perform their jobs under the untrained and self-guiding principles of common sense behavior.

In the USA on average from Monday thru Friday, 36,000 people are fired every-day, WHY?  Are employees purposely self-destructive?  Do people know how to be an Employee?  Which of the following do you think is the #1 reason why employees get “FIRED”.


[_]- Lying on a Resume or Job Application

[_]- Stealing from the Company

[_]- Unauthorized use of Resources, Internet and Email, etc.

[_]- Unauthorized Sharing of Protected Information

[_]- Under the influence or Substance Abuse at Work

[_]- Poor Job Performance

[_]- Attendance and Tardiness

[_]- Failure to Follow Instructions

[_]- Inability to get along with others

[_]- Sexual Harassment


Understanding your role as an employee is vital.  Employers want you to be successful, however, your personal problems beyond the job are not your employer’s responsibility.  During the time when you are at work, your employer and co-workers are not responsible for things that occur, follow, or happen in your Personal Life or on your Personal Social Media Profiles.

What you will study:

Employment Problems -vs.- Personal Problems

Separating your Personal Life from your Employment, Occupation and/or your Professional Life is not always easy.  However, when your work performance begins to lag or becomes impacted, all things may be considered. 

This class covers: 

  • You are an EMPLOYEE..!
  • Worker Ability, Mentality, Attitude, and Commitment 
  • Team Relationship vs Individual Contribution
  • Employment is not like Television
  • The average number of Jobs in a Lifetime
  • Personal Problems
  • Employment Problems
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Excuses and the Blame Game (bad defense, not my fault)
  • Exit Strategies beyond Termination

No Union or no Employee Assistance Program

This class provides Students, Employees, and Managers with “You are an Employee”, Sensitivity and Awareness Training.  Through fun and creative exercises, you will understand why you are an employee, and how your Personal Life can and often times do disrupt that relationship.

The goals and objectives of this class are to reduce or eliminate employment firings by educating students, employees, and managers to identify and resolve practices and behaviors that lead to the need for terminations.


This is a critical class for Employees and Employers who do not have access to a Workers Union or an Employee Assistance Program.

  * WARNING!  Extreme Sensitivity and Awareness Training ahead, ENROLL TODAY…!

This class contains explicit information regarding employment, personnel, and human resources that some may find disturbing and uncomfortable.   Some content may be perceived as racially sensitive and may require the viewing of videos, images, and assessing hiring and firing decisions that you may find very unpleasant and personally offensive.   Issues involving employment contracts and rights is a global concern, however, it becomes local when it impacts your family, school, workplace, and the community where you live.


We positively encourage you to enroll in this course.  Your friends, family, co-workers, and community are all impacted by the subject matter.  This class gives you a platform to study the issues, and respond to current events with the virtual goal of dynamically creating problem-solving solutions.

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 *Barack Obama is currently our most requested Celebrity Instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Class Requirements?

Any adult, college student or non-college student 18 years or older may complete the free and simple pre-registration process for this class without obligation.  However, official Government ID Verification will be required before any Certificates of Completion are issued…

This class does not require heavy or obscure memorization, complex math, or tons of classwork, however a commitment to ‘Researching Current Events’ and some ‘Social Networking’ is required. This class is complete-able in 4 to 6 weeks or less and requires a commitment of 2 to 4 hours per week. To complete this class students must satisfactorily complete and document all assigned course work, such as:

  • Respond to all Surveys and Polls.
  • Complete Recruitment Assignments.
  • Actively engage-in course Social Media Discussions.
  • Participate in all course related Educational Games.
  • Watch subject matter Videos and complete Assignments.
  • Actively engage-in and verify activity for "Education Tuesdays".
  • Score 80% or higher on all Topic Assessment Exams, if given.
  • And/or complete short Practical Writing Assignments.

Device Requirements = Smart Phone, Desktop, Laptop, Chromebook, or Tablet with an Internet connection capable of streaming YouTube videos.

Who should take this Class?
Anyone interested in, or personally impacted by the Subject Matter.  (See FAQ’s for more information.)
Is this class Accredited and Transferable?
YES..!  (See FAQ’s for more information.)
Do I have to PAY anything?
NO..!  This is a “FREE”, Community Service Education Class available to all.  (See FAQ’s for more information.)
When do Fees & Costs Apply?
Fees, and Costs Apply to administrative requests for documentation such as Certificates, Transcripts, etc., and programs that have costs to develop.   Employers frequently pay or may refund you for Class Certificates.  (See FAQ’s for more information.)

Is there a Certificate of Completion available, and how long do they last?

YES..!   Every Citizen in the U.S.A should have at least one Certificate of Completion.


Most Certificates are good for 3 years before the class should be repeated or an updated course is offered.   We do encourage our Guest or Celebrity Instructors to personally sign non-standard Certificates (added costs and limitations apply).


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  •  Length:  6 weeks
  •  Effort:  2 to 4 hours per week
  •  Price:  FREE
    Virtual Community Service Course
  • Earn a:  Certificate of Completion $49
  •  Institution:
  • Training:  Workforce Development
  •  Subject:  Humanities & Behavioral Studies
  •  Level:  Introductory
  •  Language:  English
  •  Video Transcripts:  English
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*WARNING! - Sensitivity and Awareness Training

Today’s events or headlines may be tomorrow's "Lesson or Subject for Discussion"…

This class covers sensitive topics and requires critical thinking that may impact your personal growth and development. You should not take this class if you; intend to be dishonest, deceptive, or closed-minded about your personal feelings or opinions. Every participant in the class will have an open opportunity to express their genuine thoughts, outlook, and views in how they see the topics being discussed. Your opinion counts and your voice matters. The use of profanity or personal statements that may threaten any person, place, or thing is strictly prohibited. Please expect differences in opinions that may not agree with what you have learned or believe to be true.

The staff, and or the instructors reserve the right to remove any student without cause or notice.  All students are advised to take and complete the Sensitivity Training Class before this class.


Notice and Liability Disclaimer:   The social interactions and information presented in all classes or courses is for educational studies and is not intended to be a substitute for legal, medical or professional advice.  All participants are personally liable for their own conduct or behavior online and within the community.