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Join our Virtual Community Service Team..!
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About this Course:

This course is an exclusive feature of University of

Extended Class Description:


Teamwork - Team101

Family, Friends, Students, Employees, and Employers.

Have you ever worked on

a Community Service Project ..?

What's your Story..?  Enroll NOW!

Teamwork - Team101

Success is rarely achieved alone.  In most cases, it takes a team of people to accomplish the desired results.  You are invited to become a;


Virtual Community Service Team Member

We need a Team of People to launch;

Education Tuesdays


As a Virtual Community Service Team Member, you have accepted the Community Service and Education “CHALLENGE”.   As a Virtual Community Team Member you agree to set-aside time on Tuesdays to perform an “Act of Community Service”, and or further your “EDUCATION” by taking a class online, within your church or local college nearby or within the community where you live.

Whether you are here voluntarily or involuntarily our staff at the welcomes you and asks that you take this mini-class with our Team.  


What you will learn:

  • About our Team.
  • Team Types and Purpose.
  • Team (Network) Building.
  • Team Names, Titles, and Privacy.  
  • Contributing to the Team.
  • Multi-Team Membership.
  • Competing Teams vs. Non-Competing.
  • Selfish need for Acknowledgement.
  • Exiting the Team with benefits to others.
  • Documenting your Educational Studies.
  • Documenting your Community Service Acts.

The focus of this mini-class is for you to discover the essence of contributing and documenting your efforts in relations to the importance and success of the Virtual Community Service Team's Goals and Objectives.  


Join our Virtual Community Service TEAM..!


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Manager Manager and CEO Professor-X 
Veterans   Attendance and
Affairs Manager  University of America  Enrollment Manager
Curriculum Workforce
Developers  Development Manager Coordinator
Celebrity Business
IT Services
Affairs Coordinator  Development Manager Engineer
Office Student
Funding & Donations
Admin Manager  Recruitment Manager Manager
Ministerial Diversity Pre-Adult
Coordinator Program Manager Education Manager


Have gone out and are extended to others to join, contribute, support, enroll, or take part as announced or anonymous Celebrity Guest Instructors


Invited Celebrities


Please be respectful, at any time you may be taking a class offered by, or with your favorite and most influential celebrity.


Subject Matter Experts or Industry Professionals

If you are a Subject Matter Expert or Industry Professional you are invited to become a Virtual Community Service Team Member.  

We would love to have you assist us as a Guest Instructor, Instructional Assistant, or as a Consultant Educator.

Industry Professionals

Even if you have not taught online before we can mentor, coach, and train you.


Enrollment Opens Soon..!

Get Behind Something Great..!

Education Tuesdays


FREE Class:  We positively encourage you to enroll in this course.  Your friends, family, co-workers, and community are all impacted by the subject matter.  This class gives you a platform to study the issues, and respond to current events with the virtual goal of dynamically creating problem-solving solutions.

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  •  Length:  6 weeks
  •  Effort:  2 to 4 hours per week
  •  Price:  FREE
    Virtual Community Service Course
  • Earn a:  Certificate of Completion $49
  •  Institution:
  • Training:  Workforce Development
  •  Subject:  Humanities & Behavioral Studies
  •  Level:  Introductory
  •  Language:  English
  •  Video Transcripts:  English
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*WARNING! - Sensitivity and Awareness Training

Today’s events or headlines may be tomorrow's "Lesson or Subject for Discussion"…

This class covers sensitive topics and requires critical thinking that may impact your personal growth and development. You should not take this class if you; intend to be dishonest, deceptive, or closed-minded about your personal feelings or opinions. Every participant in the class will have an open opportunity to express their genuine thoughts, outlook, and views in how they see the topics being discussed. Your opinion counts and your voice matters. The use of profanity or personal statements that may threaten any person, place, or thing is strictly prohibited. Please expect differences in opinions that may not agree with what you have learned or believe to be true.

The staff, and or the instructors reserve the right to remove any student without cause or notice.  All students are advised to take and complete the Sensitivity Training Class before this class.


Notice and Liability Disclaimer:   The social interactions and information presented in all classes or courses is for educational studies and is not intended to be a substitute for legal, medical or professional advice.  All participants are personally liable for their own conduct or behavior online and within the community.<