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World Religions

Let’s measure the “RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE” within you, your family, school, workplace, and the community where you live.
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World Religions what are they, and their impact on you??

Religious Identity, we all choose one..!
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World Religion - 100

This class studies the future and cultural practices of influential World Religions.  Catholic, Protestants, Jewish, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jehovah Witness, Non-Denominational, Atheist, and others.   When you only learn or are taught one religion other religions may psychosomatically become the enemy because of their “Cultural Practices”.


CONCEPT OF RELIGION:  Unknown and not taught to many people all over the world, the concept of religion was not originated to guide, control or direct the relationships and behavior of people.  The idea of religion originated from the cultural practices of “FARMING”, where people expressed their cultural and spiritual need to worship and glorify the sun, moon, rain, soil, fire, and the animals.  The living Earth stood as the universe upon which the cultural practices and exchange of farming concepts, ideas, and beliefs formed religion.  The translation of farming knowledge and practices to include and explain the human living experience created geographical cultural practices forming diverse religious groups or faiths.

RELIGIOUS IDENTITY:  Religion can make up 20% or more of who a person is.  Your religious identity forms your cultural practices even if you are a non-believer.  Your cultural practices impacts how you perceive others, how you act, how you feel emotionally, and determines your level of sensitivity and compassion.  Your religious identity and cultural practices can explain or describe your ethical and moral compass.   

NON-BELIEVERS:  Not believing is a “Cultural Religious Practice” and a religious choice.   Whether you are an Atheist, Agnostic, Doubting, Skeptic, Satanic, or a Nonbeliever, Disbeliever or whatever you title yourself, you have become or choose to follow along with others a “Cultural Practice”. 

RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE:  Your level of “Religious Tolerance or Intolerance” may cause you to enforce your “Cultural Practice” upon others.  However just as Farming techniques can and have become antiquated, outdated, and obscure with the passage of time so can the Human Religious Practices.  Slavery was once permitted within all religions, today Slavery in unlawful but still allowed and practiced regionally as a cultural right.   

What you will study:

How much, and what you need to know about Religion.  Religious tolerance or toleration is people allowing other people the freedom to think or practice other religions and beliefs.  Intolerance is when you are unwilling to accept views, beliefs, or religious practices that personally conflict with or are different from what you have learned.  This class studies;

The Mission of Earthly Religion = Food, Shelter, and Clothing.

The Mission of Human Religion = Self Control & Social Order.

  • Types of Religions
  • Can your Religion Kill You?
  • Can your Religion force you to Kill?
  • Can Religion Heal you or fix it?
  • Religion in the Family
  • Religion in the Schools
  • Religion in the Workplace
  • Religion within the Community
  • Religion within Sporting Events
  • Religious Tolerance in the 21st Century


Each religion may well adopt a controversial stance on abortion, incest, circumcision, cannibalism, tattoos, piercings, marriage, polygamy, idols, animal sacrifice, slavery, communion, Allah, God, Jesus, Jehovah, Yahweh, Bible, Curran, cultural garments, same-sex couples, sex before marriage, and other common issues that may provoke intolerance. 

For example, do or did your level of tolerance or intolerance regarding sex before marriage differ from your personal religious practice?  Is the following a religious phrase or a simple golden-rule to live by?

“Treat others like you would like to be treated”


  * WARNING!  Extreme Sensitivity and Awareness Training ahead..!

Taking this class may someday save your life or keep you from taking a life unnecessarily.   The simplest religious confrontation or dispute has historically lead to violent confrontations resulting in unnecessary deaths and punitive consequences.  ENROLL TODAY…!


We positively encourage you to enroll in this course.  Your friends, family, co-workers, and community are all impacted by the subject matter.  This class gives you a platform to study the issues, and respond to current events with the virtual goal of dynamically creating problem-solving solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Class Requirements?

Any adult, college student or non-college student 18 years or older may complete the free and simple pre-registration process for this class without obligation.  However, official Government ID Verification will be required before any Certificates of Completion are issued…

This class does not require heavy or obscure memorization, complex math, or tons of classwork, however a commitment to ‘Researching Current Events’ and some ‘Social Networking’ is required. This class is complete-able in 4 to 6 weeks or less and requires a commitment of 2 to 4 hours per week. To complete this class students must satisfactorily complete and document all assigned course work, such as:

  • Respond to all Surveys and Polls.
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  • Actively engage-in course Social Media Discussions.
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  • Score 80% or higher on all Topic Assessment Exams, if given.
  • And/or complete short Practical Writing Assignments.

Device Requirements = Smart Phone, Desktop, Laptop, Chromebook, or Tablet with an Internet connection capable of streaming YouTube videos.

Who should take this Class?
Anyone interested in, or personally impacted by the Subject Matter.  (See FAQ’s for more information.)
Is this class Accredited and Transferable?
YES..!  (See FAQ’s for more information.)
Do I have to PAY anything?
NO..!  This is a “FREE”, Community Service Education Class available to all.  (See FAQ’s for more information.)
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*WARNING! - Sensitivity and Awareness Training

Today’s events or headlines may be tomorrow's "Lesson or Subject for Discussion"…

This class covers sensitive topics and requires critical thinking that may impact your personal growth and development. You should not take this class if you; intend to be dishonest, deceptive, or closed-minded about your personal feelings or opinions. Every participant in the class will have an open opportunity to express their genuine thoughts, outlook, and views in how they see the topics being discussed. Your opinion counts and your voice matters. The use of profanity or personal statements that may threaten any person, place, or thing is strictly prohibited. Please expect differences in opinions that may not agree with what you have learned or believe to be true.

The staff, and or the instructors reserve the right to remove any student without cause or notice.  All students are advised to take and complete the Sensitivity Training Class before this class.


Notice and Liability Disclaimer:   The social interactions and information presented in all classes or courses is for educational studies and is not intended to be a substitute for legal or professional advice.  All participants are personally liable for their own conduct or behavior online and within the community.